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Term of Use

This code applies equally to both sexes, and the use of the masculine form is for convenience only.

Each person performs an action on the site declares that he has read the Terms and agrees to them and that they will not have any complaint and or demand and or claim, and it will be a legal basis. Each person performing an operation on the site, including the person performing the acquisition (the “Customer”), declares actually by doing an operation in the site that he read this code, that he agrees with the provisions and that the process of acquisition will be subject to the conditions specified in these regulations and that they will not have, and or who on behalf, of any claim or suit against the owners, managers and or any of its employees, in accordance with these regulations. The meaning of the word “action” in these guidelines is -All product purchase transactions and or services offered on or through the site.

Any person at the age of 18 years or older on the activity day, is entitled to take action on the site.

You can perform various operations on the site solely for orders, receipt of services and or information. Do not use this site for any other purpose without written permission from the management of “Taltalim – Tal Tsafrir”.

An invitation or an offer of purchase to receive services will be provided with the completion of all the following requirements:


1. Received the approval of the transaction from the buyer`s credit card company.

2. The requested products are in stock.

3. The buyer owns an e-mail on the Internet, unless the transaction is carried out

    by phone.

4. Each user with a credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit company lawfully operating in Israel and valid on the day of operation (Visa, Isracard, Diners MasterCard, Diners).

5. If you request to join the site`s customers or to other services offered on the site,     you will be required to accept the special conditions of this service.

Site`s management reserves the right to change these policies in its sole discretion.

Delivery of the products and \ or services will be conducted under the provisions of these regulations below.

Ordering products

So that we can fulfill your offer to purchase a product (the “invitation”), it is important that the products you ordered will be in stock of the manufacturers or importers of the products.

While we do our best to ensure that the products displayed on the site will be in stock, possibly due to exceptional circumstances, which were not known at the time of booking that the product is out of stock.

In this case an appropriate message will be sent to you via e-mail or by telephone within 2 business days.

In this case, the business maintains the right to submit to you, if it has any, an offer of an alternative product with a similar character and price. If you accept our proposal, details of your order will be updated again. If you decide to refuse, your order will be deleted and we will not charge your credit card.

The way of placing order at the store

After you made the order at the store you will receive initial notification of the absorption of your order details.

Please note: This approval does not require the `Taltalim – Tal Tsafrir Studio` deliver the products you ordered, and it only proves that the details of order were entered in the system.

Only after the business completed reviewing and approving your credit card information and will receive permission from the credit card company to make the purchase to make the purchase, your offer will be considered feasible and start all processes of delivering the products you ordered, but only if they are in stock held by their respective manufacturers or distributors. If not, you will be notified within a business day.

Your offer will be considered feasible and begin the process of delivering the products you ordered

Only after the business completed review and approve your credit card information and receive permission from the credit card company to make the purchase, your offer will be considered feasible and it will be possible to start all processes of delivering the products you ordered, but only if they are in stock held by their respective manufacturers or distributors. If not, you will be notified within a business day.

So that we can provide the products you ordered, your order must be received in a correct and proper manner, when it contains all information required for delivery of products and charging you. Many different factors can cause failures and disruptions in the absorption of your order and its processing by the business system.

If there is a disruption and \ or error in the description of the product and \ or service, their photo, description, price or any other detail, the business will be entitled to cancel your purchase and you will not be charged any fee for the canceled order.

If at the time of booking you give out incorrect identifying information, we can not guarantee that the products reach you. In case where the products are returned to us due to incorrect information provided by you, you will be charged for shipping and handling.

Please make sure to include accurate and current information. Filing false personal details are completely prohibited and constitute a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code – 1977 and \ or any law.

Shipping Policy

Pick it up yourself at no cost from our address.

NIS 19 package delivery by registered mail.

Express shipping / by courier – NIS 49.

Means of payment

You can pay with a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel legally.

Your card number and personal information will be required by the business`s representative for billing.

If necessary, you will be required to present identification and \ or typed credit card for booking, and sign the appendix of the transaction to the representative and \ or an emissary of the business.

The products will be sent only after receiving approval from the credit company on the integrity of the transaction.

Supply dates

Delivery times have we undertake are up to 14 business days, however we do our best to stay ahead.

Delivery by courier, coordination and payment by phone, delivery time have we undertake to use this service are up to 48 hours.

If factors and \ or events beyond the control of the business owners and / or operators will delay and \ or prevent the sale of products and \ or services of any kind, in whole or in part, and in any way, and \ or the delivery of products and \ or the provision of services published on dates determined, and \ or faults will occur in computer and \ or phone systems, and \ or any other communications factor in completing the purchase process, one or the other in its various forms, and \ or if due to hostilities and \ or any of the other acts of God will prevent and \ or will harm the process of acquiring the products and \ or services in any way, including by way of tender and \ or a public tender and \ or regular sale or delivery of the products and \ or services, and \ or if there are changes in tax rates and \ or charges applicable to the products and \ or services from the date of publication of the product and \ or service for sale and planned delivery date according to the terms of purchase and \ or service, the business may or his representative to cancel the purchase, in whole or in part and to repeal the obligation of performing the action.

Different products will be delivered via e-Israel, by Courier service or self collection from the home business.

Goods to be delivered by mail will be sent according to the mail delivery customary time in Israel. It is emphasized that the delivery times of products are provided by Israel mail can not be controlled by the business and are not in his control.

In any case, delivery times of the products will be similar to the supply times which specified in the sales pages, it is clarified that the delivery dates specified in the site binding the business.

In a case of a delay in the supply of products, the business will allow the consumer to cancel the transaction without incurring cancellation fees will and that payment will be refunded to the consumer in full or the company will provide a replacement product the same or find an immediate solution to the problem according to the customer`s choice. The company is responsible for the arrival of proper and timely products in any form of delivery.

Supply of products by couriers will be made in accordance with the terms of supply of the delivery company on behalf of the business and subject to the company`s communities list on its basis they make home delivery. If the shipments company on behalf of the business is unable to make the shipment to the customer for any reason, including due to weather conditions and \ or security situation that might endanger the lives of the couriers, the matter should be clarified to the customer and solution will be found acceptable to both sides. It is hereby clarified that, regarding the cancellation of delivery due to the conditions listed above, the business will be the sole arbiter.

Prices and Payments

Your billing will be made via credit card whose details you provided, at a price that appears next to the products you ordered, plus shipping costs and handling fees, all as set forth near the product on the product page.

The business may change product prices and shipping and handling fees from time to time. The valid price is the price to be published on the site when you complete the booking process.

All prices listed on the site include VAT according to the law unless otherwise stated.

Sales promotions and special discounts are derived from the list price which is posted on the site.

Cancellation of the deal

In 17/07/05 entered into force the amendment to the Consumer Protection Law, according to which the business must present in his home business an ad that lists its return policy, which he can announce that his policy is to return money or give credit or not allow return of the goods

Each purchaser who submitted an offer to purchase a product from the site, and who would like to cancel the proposal will inform the Booking Hotline by fax number or e-mail address or PO Box or mail.

Cancellation of the deal will be allowed within 14 days of receipt of the product or document disclosure, whichever is the later, at the address which was provided on the proposal and only if notice was given as the above. Returning of the product is at the expense and responsibility of the customer all this, on condition that the cancellation of the deal is not due to a defect or inconsistency.

After returning the products you will be credited at the price you paid for them in deduction of the cancellation fees as specified, this on condition that the cancellation of the deal is not due to a defect or inconsistency. If the product has been tested by anyone on behalf of the store and it was found he was not returned as new, the company may sue the customer.

If the deal canceled directly with the credit card company, the client will update the business on cancellation of the deal by written notice which will be sent to e-mail: t.taltalim@gmail.com. Regarding the conditions of returning the products will be applied sections outlined in these guidelines

Regarding the conditions for the return of the products will be applied sections outlined in these guidelines.

You may not return or exchange products which their original packaging is opened, but if it turns out they are damaged. In the case of a defective product you may send back the product together with the invoice of purchase and description of the problem.

Upon receipt of your application we will send you again the product according to the original invitation, provided it is in stock with the vendor, if the product is not in stock your money will be refunded in full.

The right to return or exchange a product and \ or other service is subject to the same restrictions as provided in section 14C of the Consumer Protection Act, 1981.

In the case of cancellation of a transaction which is not due to a defect, the customer will return the product to the offices of the business and will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the product price but not higher than the sum of 100 ₪, whichever is lower.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company will take all procedures and efforts to help the client.

Follow the instructions dictated by the manufacturer and \ or importer regarding the use and \ or warranty attached to the product.

The business is not liable for non-fulfillment of these conditions and or abnormal usage.

Sometimes there may be shades differences between the product photographs published on the site and the exact colors of the products as actually supplied.

The products on the site are presented in good faith, and their presentation does not constitute a recommendation and \ or expression of opinion on the part of the business about the nature of the products, their properties, their nature, manufacturer names, etc. If you purchased a defective product, you have the right to replace it or return it and get your money back, as written above in these terms and conditions.

The business and \ or his representative will not be in any circumstances responsible for any direct, indirect damages, penalties, damages, incidental, special or consequential damages, and \ or any other damages of any kind and without limiting the foregoing, damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, arising from or related in any way to the use or performance of the site, for delays in use

Or inability to use the site, supply or non-supply of goods or services, or any information, software, products, services and graphics obtained through the Site and \ or arising in any other way of use of the website, whether based on agreement or in tort, in absolute liability and \ or any other cause, even if known to the business and \ or his representative of the possibility of such damages.

If you are not satisfied with any part of the site or any of its terms of these regulations, please email us and we will examine your application carefully.

The business and \ or its representatives will not bear any responsibility for any unauthorized use, abuse, misuse and \ or fraudulent use made by any third party in the credit card you used to perform database operations.

All subject to the site`s privacy statement and taking all security measures who are available to site.

The service on the site is to use as it is, you will not have any claim, action, and \ or demand against the business and \ or his representative in respect of service features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to your needs and your requirements.

Information Security

When booking through the website, the purchaser will be required to provide personal details, order details, credit card information, etc. (the “information”).

Owners of the site and \ or operators and \ or managers and \ or their representatives are not responsible for mistakes made by the purchaser when typing the details.

Also, the above will not be responsible directly or indirectly any responsibility for the situation where the purchase details are not received by the system and \ or any technical and \ or otherwise which prevents operation on the site.

Typing of false information is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against False information moral, including claims for damages that could be caused to the site and \ or the owners of the site and \ or any of its operators and \ or any of its directors and \ or their representatives.

Typing of false information is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against who submit false details, including tort claims for damages that could be caused to the site and \ or to the owners of the site and \ or any of its operators and \ or any of its directors and \ or their representatives.

In the case of typing wrong of details, the company and \ or its representative`s reserve the right to cancel the order.

The computer which processes the data of the company performs computerized registration of all operations that are performed on the site. This registration will constitute prima facie evidence of the contents of these activities. But the server clock will be final and decisive evidence regarding the date the order was placed on the site, subject to the Evidence Ordinance.

Details of the Transaction on the site, including details of the proposal and details of the purchaser, are delivered via an encrypted security protocol (SSL), the conventional electronic commerce (E-commerce) to the computer that processes the data of the company.

These details will not be passed by the company and the site`s operators to third party sources, other than the Credit Card Company and suppliers, in order to complete the purchase operations carried out by the buyer.

The business will be allowed to send to those who recorded in the site mailing list,  an e-mail and contact them orally or in writing regarding any information about promotions, benefits, etc., unless the buyer shall notify in writing that he is not interested.

Additional conditions

In any case in which, because of “force majeure”, the business will not be possible to manage the site as it should be, provide the products or to meet its other commitments, the business will be entitled to cancel the contract with the buyers, all or part of them, on this section “force majeure” means – including computer failures, telephone system failures or malfunctions in other communication systems, any sabotage and security event. In such cases, the consumer`s money will be returned to him in full immediately.

The business reserves the right to close the site and \ or cancel sale at its discretion if it became clear that was done or carried out illegal activities on the site or caused any damage as a result of a technical error on the site. In such cases, the consumer`s money will be returned to him in full immediately.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The site contains various materials that are protected by copyright, trademark, other proprietary rights, including content, images, graphics, video and sound, some of which are owned by the Company.

Purchaser and \ or are on the site and \ or any third party that performs database operations may not modify, publish, transmit or transmit, participate in transfer or sale, and use the site or part of it to create a derivative work or take advantage of the site and \ or the content of the website, whole or part for any purpose, except for the goal for which this site was created.

Downloading data by using a personal computer, is permitted for personal need only, non-commercial, this permit as well as any other legal action on the site, does not transfer to the user ownership rights in any information in the site particularly and  the content of the site in general.

The website contains links to other sites on the Internet. The company provides these links for convenience only and is not responsible for the content appearing on them or other sites linked to them to their validity and their lawfulness.

Buyer that uses these links does so at his own risk. Anyone who wishes to create a link to this site from other sites must apply in writing and in advance to obtain written confirmation to that.


Interpretation which stems from these regulations and enforcement and or any legal dispute arising thereof shall be performed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel alone and in the authorized court in Haifa.

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